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Our company is focused on providing the best bearings for submersible pumps, the best service, and the best value in the industry.To provide best qulity product we have to provide best quality material. Mitutronics has developed a Product of Metroite to provide best solution for engineering plastic moulding. Phenomena of the Metronite are proven For best quality results. The internally lubricated long life bearing material that has been proven in thousands of critical applications. Originally developed to overcome bearing problems caused by water swell of traditional non-metallic bearing materials.

Metronite high lubricating

- lowest friction, longest wear life, lowest shaft wear
The higher grade of Metronite with a lower friction, lower wear rate and a greater ability to run dry.
Metronite High lubricating has the same dimensional stability, mechanical properties and chemical resistance as Metronite

High temperature
- high temperature, abrasion resistant
A low wear bearing material specially formulated for higher temperature resistance,
It has exceptional abrasion resistance and is well suited to pump applications of media with suspended dirt particles.

High temperautre may be the material of choice when corroded or rough shafts cannot be avoided.

Low friction
Metronite is compounded with internal lubricants to produce a material with a low coefficient of friction. This low friction is maintained even when lubrication or water is not present.

Metronite’s low friction applies not only under laboratory test conditions, but also under actual operating conditions. Stick- slip does not occur with Metronite bearings even if pumps have been in standby mode for long periods of time without operating . This can reduce the requirement to prime bearings before starting a pump. This is critically import for emergency type pump such as fire pumps, settler pumps and flood pumps.

High compression strength
Metronite keeps its strength even when wet and does not creep under high loads.

Loads on Metronite bearings do not result in compression, deformation or compression set. This means that the shaft is more stable.

High load capacity Metronite bearings offer better load capacity than many traditional rubber or elastomer bearings .

Low shaft wear
Wear of expensive shaft can be more of a problem than wear of a bearing because of the cost of the shaft. Shaft wear is especially seven in dirty operating conditions.

Appropriately designed hard shaft running in Metronite bearing exhibit exceptionally low wear. Metronite High lubricating further reduces shaft wear due to its lower friction. In particular nylons and many rubber materials are noted for damage caused to shafts.

Easy to install And remove
Metronite bearings are easy to install and remove without the need for expensive equipment. Bearings can be easily installed on site with a minimum of effort and equipment, using simple mechanical methods.

Metronite does not corrode and seize in bearing housings, unlike bronze and metal backed bearings which become difficult to remove.

Easy to machine
Metronite can be easily machined on standard metalworking or woodworking equipment.
Metronite does not creep, deform or swell and machines easily to desired tolerances.

No delamination
Delamination is the peeling off of layers of a laminated bearing material. This often happens in immersed conditions where water or liquid penetrates the exposed micro-channels that are formed by the cloth reinforcing material.

Swelling occurs along the micro channel surfaces causing stresses between the resulting in the layers peeling off.

Metronite is a homogeneous material with no lamination reinforcement and so does not delaminate.

Resistant to chemicals
In addition to its excellent performance in water, Metronite and Metronite Hilube are resistant to a wide range of chemicals including acids, organic chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and fuels.

Metronite and Metronite Hilube bearing can therefore be lubricated by a range of pumped media. Mixtures of water, oils and fuels do not damage Metronite bearings.

Safety and Health
Metronite does not contain any hazardous substances such as asbestos or fibres that make using, handling and machining unsafe.

Metronite is an exceptionally clean material to machine and possesses no fibre or dust hazards.

Low thermal expansion
Metronite bearings do not change size significantly as the operating temperature changes, so close clearances can be maintained across a wide temperature range.

This means that Metronite bearings can be designed with minimal running clearances without danger of shaft seizures.

Support bearings
Metronite bearings can be designed with close running clearances reducing shaft vibration and improving external bearing life.

Metronite long life bearings ensure that expensive removal and repair of pumps is limited.

Support bearings can be grooved bearings when there is a water flow through the bearing. Bearings may not require grooves where the bearing is immersed in the pumped medium and does not require much cooling.

Lantern rings
Lantern rings are used as part of a shaft sealing system to evenly distribute water around the pump shaft and used especially in slurry pumps.

The dimensional stability of Metronite allows for stable running clearances so that a desired water flow rate may be achieved . Due to their low friction, Metronite rings can survive even when the water supply is temporarily suspended.

Impeller and casing wear rings
Metronite wear rings can be designed to run with smaller clearance between the ring and impeller or casing . This means a higher pumping efficiency due to a lower by-pass.
If the Metronite wear ring happens to contact with the housing no damage is caused. The wear ring conform to the new size and re-establish a close clearance.

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